The Crafty Girls of hyde

The Crafty Girls of hyde

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Karen Dorney


  1. Our Winter Workshops
    24 Oct, 2016
    Our Winter Workshops
    Delightful decoupage Christmas Baubles. Did you love sticking and gluing as a child? Well, now you can try the more sophisticated version as a grown up. Create your own ‘paper perfect’ Christmas decoration in the form of this bauble. Master the French art of Decoupage, de-stress and have fun at the same time – let your inner child free! Choose to go vintage, retro, stylish, floral … and pick from a wide range of decorative papers to create your signature style. Whether you hang them on your
  2. WOW! Our newest machine
    20 Sep, 2016
    WOW! Our newest machine
    its been such a long time since I have had chance to blog which can only be a good thing. So much has been happening we have made big changes to the shop and made another investment. This time its a fantastic embroidery machine its early days and lots to learn but we have big ideas the amazing thing about it is it links to the Brother scan and cut so whatever we design on that we can embroidery. watch this space
  3. Making changes
    10 Jul, 2016
    Making changes
    wow I have had so very little time over the last couple of weeks to enter a blog. The Artisan Market was launched on the 2nd July which proved to be a massive success the next one will be on the 6th August and is already booked up we have seen some new crafters and if that's not enough I have now made the decision to make some changes to the inside layout of the shop The shop has grown so much since opening 15 months ago and through that growth we have just placed extra shelving wherever we see
  4. New Office
    16 Jun, 2016
    New Office
    Once again another extremely busy week giving me no time to enter a blog. The paper work side of this monster I have created has grown into a massive mountain and taking a Friday to complete it at home is not the answer so I came up with the idea that I needed an office. In typical Karen Style abracadabra I now have one. It took 2 hours of clearing craft materials and moving furniture and with future decoration and a much needed radiator I will be very comfortable thank you very much. Now I Can
  5. wedding season
    10 Jun, 2016
    wedding season
    one of the best things about my wonderful shop is helping the brides selecting gifts, ribbons, accessories etc. This week we have printed personalised wedding ribbon, prepared a wedding post box in the bridal colours, arranged for a bride to have her flowers handmade by one of our crafters, taken an order for personalised clothes hangers, handed an order by one of our crafters to a bride for wedding gifts , Taken an order for bespoke peg doll cake toppers , prepared a beautiful box with handmade
  6. wow Busy times
    05 Jun, 2016
    wow Busy times
    wow the sun definitely brought the shopper out in you all  this week we have been so busy. closing the shop some nights at 5pm has been impossible its amazing I'm loving every minute and have never worked so hard and if somebody feels the need to buy me a gift for Christmas this year then I would appreciate 6 more hours a day please ,24 is not enough. That's why I'm sitting her at 7.30am on a Sunday morning writing a quick entry into my blog before I set off to visit The great British craft
  7. Wonderful Weddings
    26 May, 2016
    Wonderful Weddings
    One of the Fabulous things about Paper Tulips is meeting all the brides to be. Every week we meet these lovely ladies wanting our help with making their day perfect and every week brings a fresh challenge which we always strive to achieve One of our brides has this week shared with us a sneak peak of her dress. WOW ,WOW ,WOW  Amazing !!!!! The Ribbon machine has been hotter than ever which is proving to be a fantastic investment. I love my new world X
    24 May, 2016
    ArtisanWhere have the last few days gone? come to that where has today gone? Inspiration is flowing and we are cooking on gas with lots of fresh new ideas.  we are really excited as Richelle has been busy sourcing personalised pens for promotional gifts at the Hyde Artisan Markets, so remember if you are able to visit our first event on 2nd July pop by our stand and say hello.
  9. Artisan market build up
    19 May, 2016
    Artisan market build up
    I have failed updating my blog on a daily basis already as yesterday was busy so I took home the laptop with every intention of updating. But I really needed to start a customer order for crochet boots so that's what I did and totally forgot about the blog. Anyway yesterday has been all about the Artisan markets we are starting to host in partnership with the Hyde Town Team and the Hyde market team. The response has been amazing and I am already taking bookings for Later months. This year we are